Our Donors

Thank you for supporting Girls Inc. of Greater Los Angeles.

Your Gifts Have Allowed Us to Changes Lives

  • Give our girls access to laptops, tablets, or Chromebooks.
  • Reward our Girls with Girls, Inc. of Greater Los Angeles t-shirts which helps strengthen our LA community.
  • Have access to online platforms for up to 300 girls for a year or more.
  • Develop programming that creates a safe space during these challenging times for our girls.
  • Provide virtual “field trips” for our girls.
  • Offer virtual summer camp to more than 50 girls.
  • Provide our Girls with “at home” virtual kits for programming.
  • Reward and recognize our girls for active and positive participation in our virtual classrooms.
  • Bring joy to our girls and their families with community events.
  • Stay connected to our girls and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Purchase cleaning and sanitizing supply kits.


Give to ensure girls have the experience and opportunities to thrive.

Our Donors

Would you like to be on this list?
Please consider donating to our cause.

 $50,000 +


 $25,000 +

Chevron Corporation
Fidelity Charitable
Barry Patmore
Terri and Jerry Kohl
Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.
Richard B. Siegel Foundation
Amy Williams

 $10,000 +

American Broadcasting Companies
California Community Foundation
Citizens of Humanity
Robin Faerber
Jewish Communal Fund
Allison Knizek
Play Equity Fund
Catherine Sadler
The Patmore Family Charitable Fund
(in memory of Suzanne Patmore Gibbs)
The Walt Disney Company

 $5,000 +

Jean Batthany
Charis Fund
Christina Davis
Helmstetter Family Foundation
Rusty Helton
Susan Lord
Posh Peanut, Inc.
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Norman and Sadie Lee Foundation
Union Bank
Michael Wayne

 $1,000 +

Michael and Kimberly Anton
Mary Anne Auer
Maya Brenner
Linda Brown
Charities Aid Foundation
Cushman Family Foundation
DYLA Brands
Elevate Public Affairs
Marvin Elkin
Farmers Group Inc.
Adriana Fernandez-Clark
Debra Fischer
Girls Inc. National
Nyakio Grieco
Lori Hall Armstrong
Susette Hsiung
Darius Jennings
Loren Stewart
Hon. Nooshin Meshkaty
Network For Good
Nyakio Beauty
Reed-Goldstein Family Fund (In honor of Suzanne Patmore Gibbs)
Nicole Sams
Santa Barbara Foundation
Katheryn Munguia
Anne Towbes
Tracy Anderson Mind and Body, LLC
EleVen by Venus Williams
Dr. Renee White Fraser
Shelley Zimmerman

 $500 +

Sandra Bane
Joanna Belcher
Alvin & Terri Bowles
Kithmini Curry
Sarah Houck
Fiona Hutton
Dena & Devin Johnson
Misty Rivera
Marilynn Sullivan
Jera Turner
Wintner-Meisel Fund

 Up to $500

Lisa and Chris Adelman
Marge Agranoff
Michael & Janet Agranoff
Angela Aguilera
Dyna Ashe
Julia Balleza
David Benson
Lori Bernstein
Shaina Bogorad
Joan Boorstein
Brooke Botwinick
Lauren Bustos
Blair Butler & Alison Anthony Butler
Guadalupe Campa
Marlene Canter “In honor of Erin Ross”
Georgina Carriola
Louise Chuu
Shannon Comstock
Lynnette & Lovelle Crenshaw
Delia De La Vara
Lisa Deane
Rosemarie Dewitt
Nikiis Doherty
Meredith Donin ” In honor of Lauren Goldfarb”
Michael Donkis
Melanie D’Orio
Joy Dorsey-Whiting
Pifer Dryden
Catherine Edelman
Julia and John Eidsvoog
Janice Filer
Maria Gallegos
Barbara Goldstein
Amy Gonglefski
Kathy & Joe Gonglefski
Nikki Goren (In honor of Sheera Goren)
Teri & Mike Greenstein
Toi & Shawn Gunn
Lori Habas
Will Hagle
Stacey Hall
Heather Hamby
John Haynes
Lauren Henne
Hayley Hindinger
Joseph Hoffman
Louise & Mark Horstmeyer
Meloney Hudson
Eric Iniguez
Carrington Jackson
Luluka and Nancy Jackson
Nadine Jarrard
Diana Jones
Tishaura Jones
Thomas Kiefer
Kingdom Aligned Management
Susan Klein
Ann Kligman
Nathan Lansang
Lynn Lattimer
Victor Ledbetter
Marcy Levinson
Allison and Tom Levyn
Nicole Lewis
Sonya Lockett
Carlos Loera
Nico Lopez
Kimberly Luce
Stephen MacIntosh
Karen Maser
Judith Mayes
Avis McAllister
Anne McGrail
Karen K. Miller
Terri Minite
Paula Miranda
Abby Munguia
Ren Nagata
Kenneth Naishtat
Nancy Green
Betty Nealis
Cheryl Ney
Jacqueline Nickelberry
Michelle Nishikawa
Nancy Ozeas
Ariella Papa
Douglas Perez
Stephanie Price
Proximity Capital Partners, LLC
Kennya Ramsey
Chandler Rashley
Sarah Rauh
Maricela Renteria
Dana Rovner
Dava Samit
Liliana Sandoval
Bailey Scaman
James Seidman
The Simmons Family
Skye Sinyard
Stephanie Slocum
Lisa Smith
Sarai Smith
Society Nine, Inc.
Erica Stockton
Jasmin Suayan
Jared B. Taylor
Jonathan Tellechea
The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles
Jorthana Torres
The Warsaw Family
Aileen Watanabe
Faune Watkins
Laura Wendt
Marcus Wiley
Amanda DiPiazza &Thadd Williams
Therese Willis
Kathrine Woo
Roxanne Woods
Dana Zatulove
Gabriel Zavala
Ben & Samantha Zelevansky