Mural Event with HOPICS

Jul 21, 2021

We had our first in-person event of the year with HOPICS (Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care System). The girls and their families gathered for a community celebration and interactive mural painting project led by Brigitte Secard.

As music by Chazz Ross filled the air, we started with a beautiful chant, “Girls are made of power” and continued with deep breathing exercises led by Rebecca Watson. The Mural Project, titled Breaking History is designed to ignite the meaning of inner beauty, confidence, and create a legacy of peace in the community.

We know that it takes communities working together to drive social change, so we are developing the initiative to be celebratory and inclusive. We are excited about bringing our programs to the community.

Later this month we are partnering with The Glass Slipper Foundation, Inc. and The Los Angeles RAMS Cheer team for another mural event in Inglewood. Want to join us? You can RSVP at Images courtesy of @beatrizdlara.


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